Making Worlds with Powers

My previous posts have elicited a number of comments on G+ and email about how powers hook up to worlds and how some settings would be created. This post is supposed to help with that, offering some suggestions on a variety of settings without going into great detail. If there are questions about specifics beyond what I have here, please leave a comment here or on G+, and I will endeavor to answer it.

Power Methods

Krendel is designed to help you build whatever setting you want. One of the ways it does this is with powers. These are extraordinary abilities grouped around common themes, called methods. The core method, which is common to all settings,  consists of powers that are simply natural, albeit exceptional, permutations on skills and natural abilities. Meanwhile, the implants method, draws power from components implanted within the character.

Krendel's Art

I grew up with old school D&D. I've still got the Holmes and Moldvay sets and all those first and, later, second edition rules. If you look through those books, you can see how the art became more sophisticated over the years. This trend continued, not just in D&D, but most games. Vampire, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Battletech, Warhammer, all of em delivered top notch, detailed art.