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Core Product

Krendel Core

The Krendel rules set will help get you started building your world, your characters, your game—your way. Where you go is up to you. In this book you'll find:

  • All the rules needed to play the game, plus dozens of optional rules to help you play the way you want, offering simplicity or complexity as desired.
  • Tools designed to drive drama while leveraging motivations and relationships to bring your characters to life.
  • Two power methods and over a hundred powers to get you started.
  • Equipment from all eras and rules for creating more.
  • Over 50 sample species you can use and rules for making more.

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Krendel Powers

Command magic with sorcery, draw strength from the flock of your faith, charge into the fray with cybernetics, bend reality with your mind, or mutate into something more. Continuing where Krendel Core left off, Krendel Powers helps you more fully customize your characters and setting with a diverse range of powers. This book introduces:

  • Nine unique power methods commanding chemicals, nanites, sound, and more!
  • Dozens of styles for tailoring the methods to your world!
  • New equipment for settings ranging from fantasy to futuristic! 
  • Hundreds of new powers!

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The Rocky Mountain Ratmen and the Staff of Geb

It all starts with a train job gone great. Unfortunately, you're on the wrong end of that robbery. Now you must track the thieves down at their mountain lair. The Rocky Mountain Ratmen and the Staff of Geb is an introductory scenario combining science, magic, the wild west, and a healthy dash of pulp adventure. 

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A Krendel spin-off designed for Brent Newhall's Fantasy RPG Design Challenge, SHARDS asks what happens when the skies of Earth tear open and otherworldly shards rain out upon the land. This is packaged in a simplified d6 version of Krendel, demonstrating what you can do with Krendel's flexible engine.

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