Welcome to the repository for free downloads of character sheets, short guides, and expanded rules.

Character Sheets

Free for download one or both of Krendel's simple, utilitarian character sheets. The first is a conventional character sheet with a simple front and back. The second is a fold-able character sheet that you fold down the middle to form a simple booklet with character defining traits and relationships on the front and skills and powers on the inside.


The quick start guide is the first appendix of Krendel Core. It offers a roadmap to help guide you through the character creation process and eventual character growth. It doesn't provide all the rules you will need, instead it breaks down each step for easy digestion and points you where to go for more details.

The action primer is the second appendix of Krendel Core. Its a one page reference sheet of some of the most common core mechanics that you may use. It is provided here so you can easily print it out and use it while playing your game.


The colored splash images from Krendel Core and Krendel Powers are resized and zipped for you use as background wallpapers.

1920x1080 01, 02, 03, and 04

Additional sizes may be created upon request.

Expanded Rules

Krendel's anything engine allows for an infinite variety of new options. Here's some collected from posts:

F.A.Q. Because some things managed to slip past.

Q: On page 12, the text of "Two Successes" benefit doesn't match the title. Which one is correct?

A: The title is a hold over from a time when some actions required at least two successes to have any effect, which was dumb. Somehow the title didn't get fixed. So change it from "Two Successes" to "Minimal Success". The rest of the text for that bullet is correct.

Q: Some traits that have descriptions are not listed in the tables. Are they valid?

A: Yes. Dream Touched, Echolocation, and Gestalt have descriptions, but are not listed in the table on page 37 of Krendel Core. These are valid traits. Conversely, Multitasker, which was taken out after playtest, still has a table entry; it is not a valid trait (unless you choose to make it up and use it, which is cool). Also, somehow Charismatic didn't get an index entry, but it is also totally legit.