Faith Alliances

I've remarked before that, of all the power methods in Krendel, Faith takes the most set up. There's three mechanics you need to set forth when implementing faith: elements, tenets, and harmony or alliances. Today's chart is an example of the latter.

02-03 - Convition, Belief or Tenets - Religion.jpg

Each faith has a certain measure of harmony or dissonance with each other faith. There are four degrees to this relationship: same faith, allied faith, neutral faith, opposed faith. This comes into play in three areas. 

First, is general RP. Faith is kind of a big deal for people, especially in a world where whatever you pray to actual answers in a repeatable, tangible fashion. That means openly identifiable faith will color perceptions. People will be initially more or less friendly to you based on the harmony between your faiths.

Second, is when you attempt to use a faith power to benefit someone of another faith. Same faith? Bonus. Allied? Neither bonus or penalty. Neutral, or what my pastor once called "luke-warm" from the pulpit? Small penalty. Opposed? Big penalty.

Third, is when you attempt to use any faith power within holy ground. Same adjustments as when using a faith power to benefit another.

The more faiths you have, naturally, the more complicated it gets. Just look at that chart. My apologies to those who are red/green color blind, I'd pretty much finished the chart by time I decided to post this. Green = Allied. Red = Opposed. White = Neutral. Yellow = I'll choose a new name later.

Silly chart of arguably too many faiths for internal use, but hey, why not share.

Silly chart of arguably too many faiths for internal use, but hey, why not share.

At a glance, WTF?! If you look closely though, there's some divisions. The first one listed, Fandir, is a polytheist faith. The next thirteen are individual gods within that faith. The next four are example cults that twist the teachings of that faith. The last two are entirely different faiths. 

If you think about it, your average person in a polytheist society is going to worship the pantheon as a whole. That's kinda what happened throughout history; though, individuals might favor different gods in their prayers and kinda forget about others. Then you have the priests and people that feel a calling to one specific deity. They are in the minority, but they are still a vital part of the society as a whole. 

Now, does this complicate things? Sure. When running a game though, its not bad as you can assume your average person falls under that first column, which is, hey, easily enough recognized as allied with all the specialty priests. 

At the same time, this level of detail tells a story. You can see divisions. There's something of an Akothian, Eriesia, Kaliveth, Merogrin, and Vanan alliance; an Eleriad, Hilmang, Mil-Gamir, Throndul, and Tioder alliance; and a Laereth, Mykael, and Nilad alliance. Yet, those alliances are not clear cut, there's a lot of messy crossover in there, with stories and reasons for each.