The Rocky Mountain Ratmen and the Staff of Geb

Now available free for download, The Rocky Mountain Ratmen and the Staff of Geb, a Krendel adventure. See the products section for more information.

Requisite tagline out of the way, what is this? Krendel is a universal system; it doesn't have any single setting. So to give it a whirl or use it in earnest, you need to build the world. Where I've made a couple of posts about how you can easily fit Krendel to a myriad of settings, that can still be (or at least seem like) a lot of work. So I wanted to give people a scenario that would introduce them to a wide variety of encounters and powers. I also wanted to do it in a fun, even whacky sort of way.

Rocky Mountain Ratmen and the Staff of Geb was a scenario I put together during playtests. I had a friend who liked Shadowrun, but I didn't want to run just normal Shadowrun. So it got merged with steampunk and given a pulp vibe. The results were pretty crazy and a lot of fun.

I ran that playtest off one page of notes, 5 pregens, a model train set, the Red Baron, and a Dwarven Forge diorama. I could do this because I was very familiar with the Krendel system and the scenario. Other people don't have those advantages. What does that mean for you? It means there's a lot more text in this adventure than you probably need, mostly in the Encounters section. Any GM familiar with his or her scenario (especially points of interest and power centers) and the Krendel system does not need full encounter write ups like I've provided. Still, as an introductory scenario, I wanted to er on the side of too much instead of too little. Just remember that everything in a scenario write up is going to be a guideline: no plot survives contact with the players.

I hope you enjoy The Rocky Mountain Ratmen and the Staff of Geb, or at least the antics of some crazy ratmen.