Georgia - Day 1

Please note that the contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. Government or the Peace Corps. 

The flight to Georgia was more spacious than the flight to Munich. This let me catch my 4th (or maybe 5th) hour of sleep since Sunday morning. 

Shortly after landing we were greeted by Peace Corp personnel, who directed us through the check point for passports and visas. Just down the stairs from that were we met by more Peace Corps personnel, including Tengiz (Tengo) Gogotishvili, who we would soon learn is our training manager and quite the character.

Luggage proved both good and bad. It was good to see everyone working together to recover everyone's bags and collect them at a staging point. Unfortunately, luggage for several members wasn't loaded on the flight.

Leaving the baggage we were in for a surprise. Even though it was ~3am some 30+ Peace Corp Members showed up to welcome up like rock stars, creating a cheering path between them for us to go down. Some things you can't help but smile over. Several people traded gifts, hugs, or just warm greetings. After a brief welcome by the director we were herded onto buses to go to our new, but temporary home.

I don't remember the name of the location  (Edit: We're near Lake Bazaleti). It was a radio jamming station built and used by the soviets during the cold war. Since then it has been taken over and renovated by Free University as a training center. Although each room has its own bathroom, the number of people assigned to each room varies. I suspect they gave the more spacious rooms to the older folks. We're only here until Saturday. Then we move to Gori.

After getting room assignments, we were served breakfast (I'm pretty sure it wasn't traditional food, but the butter was crazy rich). Then folks had free time until lunch. After some initial activity, nearly everyone went to sleep. I couldn't sleep, and eventually went on walk about, finding that Zack Seymour also stayed awake; though, he stayed awake on purpose to hopefully reset his body clock by not going to bed until night.

The Peace Corp activities centered around introductions and administrative items, like the paperwork for setting up a bank account. We also got our first language lesson. 

Dinner, then impromptu game of ultimate Frisbee thanks  to Ari and, later, Brian. I was picked last (age discrimination I tell ya!), but held my own. When Brian arrived I gave him my place on the team and provided commentary and rulings. It helped me rest after "OMG I am sooooo out of shape" and continue to learn people's names. Special mention goes out to Scott for diving catches into the mud. His effort was second to none.